Our Story...

The seeds for our company were planted in 1986 when Elson Shields, a newly hired Cornell professor, was asked to tackle an invasive alfalfa pest in Upstate New York.  Alfalfa Snout Beetle is a major alfalfa pest in Northern New York which cost the state’s dairy farmers millions each year. 

Over the next 25 years, Elson isolated and cultivated the right blend of persistent nematodes that would control Alfalfa Snout Beetle and eliminate it’s economic impact on New York’s dairy farmers. Through the years of research, Elson held one guiding principle – the solution needed to be scalable, easy to apply, and affordable for farmers.

In 2010, those same persistent nematodes were shown to control Western Corn Rootworm and over the next 8 years, field trials were conducted in New York, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico to confirm this effect.

Persistent BioControl™ was founded in 2019 to help distribute this breakthrough technology to farmers across the corn growing states.  We are a veteran owned business located in Austin, TX where we grow our persistent nematodes.  

Please feel free to reach out here with any questions or email us directly at info@persistentbiocontrol.com

Our Team

Keegan Shields


Keegan spent his childhood as free labor for various research projects and escaped to the Marine Corps at 18.  He has a background in technology commercialization, business operations, and finance.  A novice woodworker in his spare time, Keegan hopes to one day make a decent chair.

Tony Testa


Tony brings 30 years of nematode rearing expertise to Persistent BioControl™ and is responsible for many of the innovations that have made it possible.  He manages the company’s supply chain and is responsible for maintaining the genetic source of our various nematode species.  In a testament to his high character, he knew Keegan as a teenager and still agreed to work with him.