Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Persistent BioControl™ nematodes are unaffected by nematicides or soil insecticides because they are nonfeeding.  Once they penetrate an appropriate host, our nematodes begin actively feeding.

No.  Persistent BioControl™ nematodes are entopathogenic, meaning they only attack insects.  Plant attacking nematodes like Root Knot and Soybean Cyst nematodes are different species with very different life cycles.

After a single application, our nematodes can persist for multiple growing seasons.  While we can’t claim that they will persist in your field forever, we can say that in 25+ years of research, no application site has ever lost its population of nematodes.

We deliver our nematodes to you in solution which can be applied using any ground spray rig or center pivot irrigation system.  If you have both available, we recommend a center pivot application because it will apply a more uniform distribution of nematodes to your field due to the higher volume of water.

Yes. Our nematodes work with all soil types and any soil pH.

Persistent BioControl™ nematodes are a naturally occurring blend of nematodes discovered in Upstate New York and originally used to control Alfalfa Snout Beetle, an invasive species from Hungary.  Since then, they’ve been proven to control Western Corn Rootworm and show promise in several other insect pests.